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Write Short Note of Chronomics . - Communication Skills

Short Note

Write short note of Chronomics .

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Solution 1

Chronemics is the study of how time is used in communication. Time can be used as a communication tool in many ways, from punctuality to expectations around waiting and response time, to general principles around time management.
Chronemics has become an area of study primarily for anthropologists, who look at cultural norms around the use of time, and the way cultures can vary and converge around different norms. More recently, chronemics appears to be branching out into other disciplines, such as the more business oriented study of organizational behavior.

Solution 2

              Chronmics is the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication the way that one perceives and values time, structures time and reacts to time frames and schedules. Across cultures, time perception (which include punctuality willingness to wait etc.) Play a role in the non verbal communication process. Time can be used as an indicator of status (meetings, appointments). Cultures are sometime considered as monochromic and polychromic where in monochromic time system means that generally one thing is done at a time and polychronic means a system which allows multitasking. A person's punctuality or tardiness communicates his attitude, his time management skills and the way he is respecting the time of other.

               For instance if a person belongs to a society and culture which emphasizes on punctuality, and he is communicating with a person from diverse culture who emphasizes more on the task then on the time, there are bound to be barriers. Search perception and barriers must be overcome by understanding Chronemics.

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