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Write Short Note. Agro-complementary Business. - Science and Technology

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Short Note

Write short note.

Agro-complementary business.

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Agro-complementary business: The complementary good or services that are used in conjunction with agriculture are referred to as agro-complementary business. Agro complementary business are mainly carried out to produce high yielding breed, desirable quality and for economic benefit. It includes animal husbandry, poultry farming and sericulture. Animal husbandry is practiced for milk production and the cattle is used for farming, poultry farming is done for the rearing of eggs and meat and sericulture is done for rearing of silk.

Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock)
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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 17 Introduction to Biotechnology
Exercise | Q 5.4 | Page 208
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