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Write a Short Essay (About 250-300 Words) on the Following:- Read this Excerpt from Bernier :- Numerous Are the Instances of Handsome Pieces of Workmanship Made by Persons Destitute of Tools, - History

Short Note

Write a short essay (about 250-300 words) on the following:-

Read this excerpt from Bernier :-

Numerous are the instances of handsome pieces of workmanship made by persons destitute of tools, and who can scarcely be said to have received instruction from a master. Sometimes they imitate so perfectly articles of European manufacture that the difference between the original and copy can hardly be discerned. Among other things, the Indians make excellent muskets, and fowlingpieces, and such beautiful gold ornaments that it may be doubted if the exquisite workmanship of those articles can be exceeded by any European goldsmith. I have often admired the beauty, softness, and delicacy of their paintings.

List the crafts mentioned in the passage. Compare these with the descriptions of artisanal activity in the chapter.

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1. Names of the crafts mentioned in this passage.
In this passage the crafts such as making of muskets and following pieces and making beautiful gold ornaments are mentioned. These products were beautifully made. Bernier was amazed to see these products.

2. Comparison of crafts referred in the passage with the description of artisanal activity in the chapter.

(i) In the chapter boat manufacturing and terracottan sculpture and temple architecture has been mentioned.

(ii) Art of painting has been referred.

(iii) Art of carpet manufacturing has been referred.

(iv) Art of dance, music and calligraphy have been referred in the chapter.

(v) Description about Rajal Khamos have also been mentioned.

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NCERT Class 12 History - Themes in Indian History
Chapter 5 Through The Eyes Of Travellers: Perceptions of Society
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 138
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