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Write a Short Essay (250-300 Words) on the Following: What Are the Problems of Using Official Sources in Writing About the History of Peasants? - History

Short Note

Write a short essay (250-300 words) on the following:

What are the problems of using official sources  in writing about the history of peasants?

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Official sources of the Company Raj are not regarded as reliable source of history when it came to the lot of Ryots.

 Following are the main problems associated with official source of history.

 1.The official records reflect only the Company raj perspective. They did not look at events from different angles. For example when the Deccan Riot Commission was instituted, it was required to find out if the land revenue was just or not. Other issues of Ryots were not taken into account.

 2.The British people looked down upon the local people, their culture and tradition as lowly. They ended up giving a lowly picture of peasants even if without intention of the same.

 3.The record of the Company Raj was created by the officials in such a manner that it suits their masters. Thus, evidences were tempered with. For example the Deccan Ryot Commission concluded that Ryots were angered not by the high land revenue but by moneylenders.

 4.Thus, official sources are to be read alongwith other sources and need to be weighed before we take them to our stride.

Concept: The Deccan Riots Commission
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NCERT Class 12 History - Themes in Indian History
Chapter 10 Colonialism And The Countryside: Exploring Official Archives
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 287
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