Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Write Short Answer of the Following. State the Registration of Partnership and Its Procedure. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

Short Note

Write short answer of the following.
State the Registration of partnership and its procedure.

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The following steps are required to be followed for the registration of a partnership firm with the Registrar of Firms:
i. At first, the partnership firm is required to submit its application with the Registrar of Firms. This application must contain all
important details, and it should be duly signed by all partners. The information that needs to be mentioned in the application
is as follows:
a. Name of the firm
b. Location of the firm
c. Names of places where the firm carries out its business
d. Dates of joining of all partners
e. Name and address of each partner
f. Duration of partnership
ii. Once the application form is duly filled and signed, the firm must deposit the application to the Registrar of Firms with the
required fees.
iii. After receiving and critically examining the documents, the Registrar of Firms enters the name of the firm in the Register of
Firms and issues a Certificate of Registration to the partnership firm.

Concept: Registration of a Partnership Firm
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Micheal Vaz Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM) HSC 12th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Forms of Business Organisations
Write short answer of the following | Q 8 | Page 39
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