Write short (1-2 sentences) notes on the following: Immunisation - Biology

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Short Note

 Write a short (1-2 sentences) note on the following: Immunisation

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 It means, we make the body immune to certain diseases by introducing respective weakened germs into the body. Thus we develop resistance to the concerned disease this process is called immunisation. The germs or the material introduced into the body to make it resistant to the concerned disease is called vaccine. This produces antibodies in the body of the person and the person can be saved by these antibodies. The vaccine can be given by the injection or orally as polio drops, tap vaccine for typhoid, BCG vaccine for tuberculosis.

Concept: Categories of Diseases
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Selina Concise Biology Class 6 ICSE
Chapter 7 Health and Hygiene
Short Answer Questions | Q 3.2
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