Write the principal value of tan^(-1)+cos^(-1)(-1/2) - Mathematics and Statistics

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Write the principal value of `tan^(-1)+cos^(-1)(-1/2)`

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`Let tan^(-1)=y and cos^(-1)(-1/2)=z`

`tany=1=tan(pi/4) and cosz=-1/2=-cos(pi/3)=cos(pi-pi/3)=cos((2pi)/3)`

The ranges of principal value branch of tan−1 and cos−1 are `(-pi/2,pi/2)and[0,pi] ` respectively

`therefore tan^(-1)=pi/4 and cos^(-1)(-1/2)=2pi/3`

`therefore tan^(-1)(1)+cos^(-1)(-1/2)=pi/4+(2pi)/3=(11pi)/12`


Concept: Inverse Trigonometric Functions - Inverse Trigonometric Functions - Principal Value Branch
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2012-2013 (March) Delhi Set 1

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