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Write One Main Difference Between Asexual and Sexual Mode of Reproduction. Which Species is Likely to Have Comparatively Better Chances of Survival - Science

Write one main difference between asexual and sexual mode of reproduction. Which species is likely to have comparatively better chances of survival – the one reproducing asexually or the one reproducing sexually? Give reason to justify your answer.

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One major point of difference between asexual and sexual reproduction is that in asexual reproduction, a single parent gives rise to the new progenies, whereas in sexual reproduction, two different individuals are involved as parents. Both the parents produce two different kinds of gametes, which fuse to give rise to a new individual. Thus, in asexual reproduction, there is almost negligible or minimal change in the genome of the offsprings, while in sexual reproduction, all new offsprings have different genomes.

Organisms undergoing sexual reproduction are at advantage and have better chances of survival in comparison to the one undergoing asexual reproduction. This is because sexual reproduction involves fusion of two different types of gametes derived from two different individuals. This results in variation in the genome of progenies, leading to greater genetic diversity and thus better chances to adapt, escape or evolve through the selection pressures of the nature.

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