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Write nuclear reaction equation for β+-decay of `""_43^97"Tc"`.



α is a nucleus of helium `(""_2^4"He")` and β is an electron (e− for β and e+ for β+). In every α-decay, there is a loss of 2 protons and 4 neutrons. In every β+-decay, there is a loss of 1 proton and a neutrino is emitted from the nucleus. In every β-decay, there is a gain of 1 proton and an antineutrino is emitted from the nucleus.

For the given case, the various nuclear reaction can be written as:

`""_43^97"Tc" ->  _42^97"Mo" + "e"^+ + "v"`

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Chapter 13: Nuclei - Exercise [Page 462]


NCERT Physics Class 12
Chapter 13 Nuclei
Exercise | Q 13.6 (vi) | Page 462
NCERT Physics Class 12
Chapter 13 Nuclei
Exercise | Q 6.6 | Page 462


The half life of a certain radioactive material against \u0003α-decay is 100 days. After how much time, will the undecayed fraction of the material be 6.25%?

Write nuclear reaction equation for α-decay of `""_88^226"Ra"`.

Write nuclear reaction equation for β+-decay of `""_6^11"C"`.

Draw graphs showing variation of photoelectric current with applied voltage for two incident radiations of equal frequency and different intensities. Mark the graph for the radiation of higher intensity.

Plot a graph showing variation of activity of a given radioactive sample with time.

State the law of radioactive decay. hence derive the relation N = Noe-λt . Represent it graphically.

Radioactive 131I has a half-life of 8.0 days. A sample containing 131I has activity 20 µCi at t = 0. (a) What is its activity at t = 4 days? (b) What is its decay constant at t = 4.0 days?

A certain sample of a radioactive material decays at the rate of 500 per second at a certain time. The count rate falls to 200 per second after 50 minutes. (a) What is the decay constant of the sample? (b) What is its half-life?

The count rate from a radioactive sample falls from 4.0 × 106 per second to 1.0 × 106per second in 20 hours. What will be the count rate 100 hours after the beginning?

The half-life of a radioisotope is 10 h. Find the total number of disintegration in the tenth hour measured from a time when the activity was 1 Ci.

`""_80^197`Hg decay to `""_79^197`Au through electron capture with a decay constant of 0.257 per day. (a) What other particle or particles are emitted in the decay? (b) Assume that the electron is captured from the K shell. Use Moseley's law √v = a(Z − b) with a = 4.95 × 107s−1/2 and b = 1 to find the wavelength of the Kα X-ray emitted following the electron capture.

In an agricultural experiment, a solution containing 1 mole of a radioactive material (t1/2= 14.3 days) was injected into the roots of a plant. The plant was allowed 70 hours to settle down and then activity was measured in its fruit. If the activity measured was 1 µCi, what per cent of activity is transmitted from the root to the fruit in steady state?

The count rate of nuclear radiation coming from a radiation coming from a radioactive sample containing 128I varies with time as follows.

Time t (minute): 0 25 50 75 100
Ctount rate R (109 s−1): 30 16 8.0 3.8 2.0

(a) Plot In (R0/R) against t. (b) From the slope of the best straight line through the points, find the decay constant λ. (c) Calculate the half-life t1/2.

Natural water contains a small amount of tritium (`""_1^3H`). This isotope beta-decays with a half-life of 12.5 years. A mountaineer while climbing towards a difficult peak finds debris of some earlier unsuccessful attempt. Among other things he finds a sealed bottled of whisky. On returning, he analyses the whisky and finds that it contains only 1.5 per cent of the `""_1^3H` radioactivity as compared to a recently purchased bottle marked '8 years old'. Estimate the time of that unsuccessful attempt.

A human body excretes (removes by waste discharge, sweating, etc.) certain materials by a law similar to radioactivity. If technetium is injected in some form in a human body, the body excretes half the amount in 24 hours. A patient is given an injection containing 99Tc. This isotope is radioactive with a half-life of 6 hours. The activity from the body just after the injection is 6 μCi. How much time will elapse before the activity falls to 3 μCi?

Radioactive isotopes are produced in a nuclear physics experiment at a constant rate dN/dt = R. An inductor of inductance 100 mH, a resistor of resistance 100 Ω and a battery are connected to form a series circuit. The circuit is switched on at the instant the production of radioactive isotope starts. It is found that i/N remains constant in time where i is the current in the circuit at time t and N is the number of active nuclei at time t. Find the half-life of the isotope.

`""_83^212"Bi"` can disintegrate either by emitting an α-particle of by emitting a β-particle. (a) Write the two equations showing the products of the decays. (b) The probabilities of disintegration α-and β-decays are in the ratio 7/13. The overall half-life of 212Bi is one hour. If 1 g of pure 212Bi is taken at 12.00 noon, what will be the composition of this sample at 1 P.m. the same day?

In a gamma ray emission from nucleus : 

The half-life of radium is 1550 years. Calculate its disintegration constant (`lambda`) . 

Copy and complete the following table for a radioactive element whose half-life is 10 minutes. Assume that you have 30g of this element at t = 0.


Plot a graph showing the variation of undecayed nuclei N versus time t. From the graph, find out how one  can determine the half-life and average life of the radioactive nuclei.

Complete the following nuclear reactions : 

(i) `"_15^32P -> ` `"_z^AX + bar(e) + bar(v)`

(ii) `"_6^12 C `+`"_6^12C ->` ` "_2^A Y + ` `"_4^2 He`

A radioactive substance decays to 1/16th of its initial mass in 40 days. The half-life of the substance, in days, is: 

The half-life of a certain radioactive element is 3.465 days. Find its disintegration constant.

Half-life of a certain radioactive material is 8 hours.

Find the disintegration constant of this material.

Half life of a certain radioactive material is 8 hours.
If one starts with 600 g of this substance, how much of it will disintegrate in one day? 

A nucleus with Z = 92 emits the following in a sequence:

α, β‾, β‾, α, α, α, α, α, β‾, β‾, α, β+, β+, α  

Then Z of the resulting nucleus is ______.


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