Write notes on. Correlation between physiographic and internal waterways - Geography

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Correlation between physiographic and internal waterways

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  1. India has an extensive network of waterways including lakes, canals, oceans, and other inland water systems. The total navigable area is 14500 km.
  2. Waterways have been the most common means of transport from earlier days. Waterways are the cheapest and easiest way of carrying bulky goods over long distances.
  3. One of its greatest benefits is that it does not require any route construction or maintenance. Waterways can be inland waterways or sea routes.
  4. Navigable rivers, canals, backwaters, and lakes are used as inland waterways. It was the major means of transportation before the advent of railways and roadways.
  5. Inland waterways are the only means of transportation through dense, impenetrable forests and areas defined by certain tribal groups.
  6. Sea routes and oceanic routes are mostly used for transporting bulky goods from one country to another.
  7. Waterways is a major means of domestic and foreign trade.
Concept: Brazil Transport
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Balbharati Social Science Geography 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 9 Tourism, Transport and Communication
Exercise | Q 7.3 | Page 68

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