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Write Note on : Tribal Movement - History and Political Science

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Tribal movement 

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The origin of Tribal movement dates back to the pre-independence days. The British government had deprived tribal people of their rights to livelihood on forest resources and as a result of that, a tribal uprising took place in various parts of the country. It included tribes like Kolam (Chota Nagpur), Gond (Orissa), Koli Bhilla Ramoshi (Maharashtra), Santhal and Munda (Bihar).

The main demand of the tribal movement is for the government to accept their rights over forests, they should be allowed to collect forest produce and cultivate forest land.

Concept: Important Movements in India - Tribal Movement
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Balbharati Social Science History and Civics 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.4 Social and Political Movements
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 96
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