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Tradition of Travelling.

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Solution 1

1) The Tradition of travelling is quite old in India.

2) People from an ancient period in our country used to travel for various reasons.

3) Few reasons for travel are Pilgrimage, attending local fairs and festivals, searching for renowned teachers and good education, for trade, etc.

4) It helped in intermixing of cultures and spreading of knowledge and art from one corner of the world to another.

Solution 2

Travelling to and staying in places outside the usual environment for a specific purpose and for a fixed period of time is known as ‘tourism’.

  1. The tradition of travelling from corner to corner can be seen in India since ancient times. This can be explained according to various time periods as follows:
    a. In Ancient period: 
    In the ancient period, people travelled for various reasons like pilgrimage, trade, visiting local fairs & festivals, searching for a renowned teacher and obtaining a good education, etc. Buddhist monks, Jain monks and sadhus travelled continuously to different places. In 630 C.E., the Chinese monk, Yuan Shwang travelled to India.
    b. In Medieval Period:
    Saint Namdev, Saint Eknath, Guru Nanak, and Ramdas Swami travelled during the medieval period.
    c. In Modern Period:
    Vishnubhat Godse travelled during times of the Indian war of Independence in 1857.
  2. Foreign Travellers:
    The tradition of travelling can be seen not only in India but also in foreign countries. Benjamin of Tudela, Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, Gerardus Mercator navigated around the world.
  3. This tradition of travelling which started in ancient times led to the development of modern tourism.
Concept: Tourism in the Past
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