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Write a Note on How Forests Influence the Quality of Our Air, Soil and Water Resources. - Science

Write a note on how forests influence the quality of our air, soil and water resources.

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Solution 1

Forests influence the quality of our air, soil, and water resources in various ways. Some of them are:-

(i) Forests balance the percentages of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. The increasing amount of carbon dioxide caused by human activities is balanced by a larger intake of carbon dioxide by plants during the process of photosynthesis. Simultaneously, a large amount of oxygen is released.

(ii) Forests prevent soil erosion. Roots of plants bind the soil tightly in a way that the surface of the soil cannot be eroded away by wind, water, etc.

(iii) Forests help in the replenishment of water resources. During the process of transpiration, a huge amount of water vapour goes into the air and condenses to form clouds. These clouds cause rainfall that recharge water bodies.

Solution 2

Forests influence the quality of air, soil and water resources in the following ways :-

1.Influence of forests in controlling the quality of air :-

(a) Forests help in minimising the level of C02 in the atmosphere. This prevents greenhouse effect and global warming.

(b) Forests reduce environmental temperature which in turn increases the rate of photosynthesis in plants in the surrounding regions.

(c) Some of the trees has the ability to absorb harmful gases present in the atmosphere, e.g., Jamun trees can absorb compounds of lead easily.

 2.Influence of forests in controlling the quality of soil :-

(a) The roots of huge trees larger area and prevent erosion of topsoil by holding the soil particles tightly.

(b) Forests also regulate biogeochemical cycles which are responsible for cycling of nutrients and making them available for the plants in the soil,

(c) Many of the decomposing bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria live in close association with the roots of the trees.

3.Influence of forests in controlling the quality of water :-

(a) Forests help in returning pure water back to the surface of earth through rains.

(b) Forests help in maintaining the water cycle as well as water resources of the earth.

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NCERT Class 9 Science Textbook
Chapter 14 Natural Resources
Q 6 | Page 202
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