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Write a Note on Guiseppe Mazzini. - Social Science

Short Note

Write a note on Guiseppe Mazzini.

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Guiseppe Mazzini: He was an Italian revolutionary who played a significant role in promoting the idea of a unified Italian state. He believed that nations were the natural units of mankind, and so Italy (which was then divided into a number of small states and kingdoms) had to be forged into a single unified republic. During the 1830s, he strived to put together a coherent programme for such a unitary Italian Republic. He also set up two secret societies, namely Young Italy and Young Europe. These societies helped in the dissemination of his ideas.

Concept: Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Ideas of Giuseppe Mazzini
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NCERT Social Science - History India and the Contemporary World 2 Class 10 CBSE
Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Q 1.1 | Page 28
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