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Write Note On. the Coasts of Brazil - Geography and Economics

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ConceptPhysiography of Brazil The Coastal Region


Write note on.

The coasts of Brazil


Brazil has a coastline of about 7400 km. It can be divided into two parts namely the northern and eastern coast.

1. The northern coast extends from Amapa province in the north to Rio de Grande de Norte in the east. It can be called as the North Atlantic coast.

2. From there, the eastern coast extends towards the south. The northern coast is characterized by mouths of many rivers including the Amazon. Therefore this region is a low-lying region.

3. On this coast lie the Marajo island, Marajo and Sao Marcos Bays. Marajo is a large coastal island located between the mouths of River Amazon and River Tocantins.

4. The eastern coast receives a large number of smaller rivers. The only major river which meets the Atlantic Ocean here is Sao Francisco.

5. The Brazilian coast is characterized by a large number of beaches and sand dune complexes. It is also protected in some areas by coral reefs and atoll islands.

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 Balbharati Solution for Balbharati Class 10 Social Science Geography (2019 to Current)
Chapter 3: Physiography and Drainage
Exercise | Q: 3.3 | Page no. 23
Solution Write Note On. the Coasts of Brazil Concept: Physiography of Brazil - The Coastal Region.
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