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Solution 1

1) People of the urban areas know very little about the village life style or Agricultural traditions.

2) Agrotourism brings people to the farms.

3) People have become interested in knowing how their food is produced.

4)Many people started visiting Israel where experimentation in the agricultural field with technological advancements was added.

5) Farmers use this interest to develop traffic at their farm, and interest in the quality of their products, as well as awareness of their products.

Solution 2

  1. Today Agro-tourism, also known as Agri-tourism, is rapidly developing.
  2. It is specially meant for the urban population who have very little exposure to rural life and agriculture.
  3. Indian farmers, nowadays, visit distant regions like agricultural research centers, agricultural-universities.
  4. Farmers also visit countries like Israel where experimentation in advanced technology of agriculture is carried out.
Concept: Types of Tourism
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