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Write the Necessary Equation for Maximum Safety, Speed and State the Significance of Each Term Involved in It. - Physics

Answer in Brief

Write the necessary equation for maximum safety, speed and state the significance of each term involved in it.

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Equation for maximum safety speed for the vehicle moving on the curved banked road is

`V_max=sqrt(rg[(mu_s+tan theta)/(1-mu_s tan theta)])`

where, r is radius of curved road.
µs is coefficient of friction between road and tyres,θ is angle of banking.

c. Significance of the terms
i. The maximum safety speed of a vehicle on a curved road depends upon friction between tyres and roads.
ii. It depends on the angle through which road is banked. Also absence of term ‘m’ indicates, it is independent of mass of the vehicle.

Concept: Banking of Roads
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