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Write the Names and Structures of the Monomers of the Following Polymers: Buna-n - Chemistry

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Write the names and structures of the monomers of the following polymers: Buna-N

Write the names of monomers used for getting the following polymers:


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Solution 1

The monomer units of Buna-N are 1, 3-butadiene and acrylonitrile.

N CH2=CH–CH=CH2           n CH2=CH=CN

1, 3-Butadiene                      Acrylonitrile

Solution 2

The monomers for Buna-N are 1,3-butadiene and acrylonitrile.

Concept: Polymers - Classification of Polymers Based on Mode of Polymerisation
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Chapter 15: Polymers - Exercises [Page 437]


NCERT Class 12 Chemistry
Chapter 15 Polymers
Exercises | Q 17.2 | Page 437

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