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Write a Letter to Your Friend About the Sight You Saw and Your Impression of It. You May Create Necessary Details. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Write a letter to your friend about the sight you saw and your impression of it. You may create necessary details.

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Dear Ravi
How are you? Today I want to share an exciting experience with you. Recently we went on a tour of Gujarat to attend Rann Utsav. While exploring through the desert, we came across a ruined statue — probably constructed by a ruler to glorify himself. The statue was badly dilapidated and symbolized the end of political tyranny. The broken statue instantly impressed upon us the impermanence of power. Nothing is long-lasting and is sure to get destroyed with the passage of time. The kings statue which once, must be grand and dignified, now lay in ruin without attention and is much neglected.

Nobody seems to case for the statue that shows its fall from grace and an emptiness around it. It is true that nobody can beat time and only good deeds of a person remain long after he has died. Yours lovingly Shobhit.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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