Write information about the Satavahana dynasty with the help of the given points. Rise and expansion Administrative system Trade and industries Literature and art - History

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Write information about the Satavahana dynasty with the help of the given points.

  1. Rise and expansion
  2. Administrative system
  3. Trade and industries
  4. Literature and art


  1. Rise and expansion : After the disintegration of the Mauryan Empire many new powers arose. Among them the Satavahanas are mentioned as the earliest ruling dynasty in Maharashtra. The Satavahanas ruled over a vast region of Maharashtra, Andhra and Karnataka. Parithan. Maharashtra was the capital of the Satavahanas. The mention of Puranas the Andhras or 'Andhrabhrutyas' Probably these terms refer to the Satavahanas. Simuka was the first Satavahana king to be mentioned in the Naneghat inscription. The most important king of this dynasty was Shri Satakarni, Hala, Gautamiputra Satakarni and Yajna Satakarni. Gautamiputra Satakarni conquered the Shakas and also Central India and the entire regions of Dakshinapatha. He also established his dominance over the Republic states in Central India and Rajasthan. Gautamiputra proved his strength by gaining victory over Nahapana. The Satavahana rule became weak due to the constant struggle between Shakas and Satavahanas.
  2. Administrative system: The state was divided into small provinces. Every province was under civil and military officials. Civil officials such as 'Amatya' 'Mahabhoj' and military officials such as 'Mahasenapati' and 'Maharathi' were appointed. Grama (village) was the smallest unit of administration. Grama was a source of revenue and also for recruitment of soldiers during war like situations. Grama was an integral part of the central machinery.
  3. Trade and industries: Agriculture was the main source of income. Along with it many industries and trade flourished. Various Shrenis(Guilds) also emerged during this period. The trade and industries were controlled with the help of these shrenis. Indo-Roman trade also flourished during the Satavahana period. Trade centres like Pratishthan (Paithan), Tagar (Ter), Nasik (Nashik), Karhatak (Karhad) developed during this period. Cotton cloth, muslin and sack cloth and other merchandise were the terms of trade. Kalyan, Sopara, Bhadoch were important trade centres.
  4. Literature and art: Learning and art received royal patronage. Prakrit language and literature flourished. Hala compiled 'Gathasaptashati'. Gunadhya, a minister wrote Brihatkatha in a Prakrit language called Paishachi. Sarvavarma wrote a treatise on Sanskrit grammar named' Katantra'. A new native Indian style emerged in this period. The four gateways (Toranas) of the Sanchi Stu pa No.1 built during this period are excellent examples of this style. Many incidents from the life of Gautama Buddha are carved on these gateways. A number of rock-cut caves at Bhaje, Nashik, Karle etc., belong to this period. Especially the Chaitya at Karle, its magnificent facade entrance and sculptural are the finest examples of the sculptural art of this period.
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