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Write in your own words a few sentences about the following: Mrs. Shrivastava - English (Second/Third Language)

Answer in Brief

Write in your own words a few sentences about  the following:

Mrs. Shrivastava

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Mrs. Srivastava is a housewife who has an ayah and a cook to help her run the household. She is in need of a sweeper and gets to know about Nathu from the washerman’s son, Sitaram. Sitaram also tells her that Nathu is thinking of leaving the bank as they are not paying him. Mrs. Srivastava meets her friend Mrs. Bhushan in the market and starts the rumour about the collapse of the bank.

Concept: Reading Skill [10th Standard]
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Balbharati English - My English Coursebook 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.2 The Boy who Broke The Bank
English Workshop | Q 9.(b) | Page 54
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