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Write the Events on the Following Timeline. - SSC (English Medium) Class 8 - History and Civics

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Write the events on the following timeline.


1945 –

• World War II ends and the Labour Party, which was sympathetic to India's call for independence, forms the government.

• June 1945 – Lord Wavell draws up the Wavell Plan which failed due to the opposition between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League.

1946 –

• March 1946 - The Cabinet Mission comprised of a delegation of British ministers namely Pathick Lawrence, Stafford Cripps and A.V. Alexander, put forth England’s plan regarding India in front of the Indian leaders.

• 16th August 1946 – This day was observed as the ‘Direct Action Day’ called forth by the Muslim League. It led to Hindu-Muslim riots in various parts of the country.

• 2nd September 1946 - Viceroy Wavell established the Interim Government with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at its head. It could not run smoothly because of the policy of obstruction as adopted by the Muslim League.

1947 –

• 18th July 1947 - On the basis of the Mountbatten Plan, the Indian Independence Act was passed in British Parliament.

• 15th August 1947 – India gains its independence after 150 years of slavery under the British Rule. But it is divided into two nations, India and Pakistan leading mass migration and further violence.

1948 –

• 30th January 1948 – Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

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 Balbharati Solution for Balbharati Class 8 History and Civics (2019 to Current)
Chapter 1.12: India gains Independence
Exercise | Q: 1 | Page no. 58
Solution Write the Events on the Following Timeline. Concept: India Gains Independence.
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