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Write Electrode Reaction and Net Cell Reaction for Fuel Cell. Calculate E.M.F. of the Following Cell at 25 °C - Chemistry

Write electrode reaction and net cell reaction for fuel cell. Calculate e.m.f. of the following cell at 25 °C.

Standard reduction potential (SRP) of Zn and Cu are − 0.76 V and 0.334 V respectively

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Cell reactions for fuel cell:

1) Oxidation at anode (−):

At anode, hydrogen gas is oxidized to H2O.

2H2(g) + `4OH_(aq)^-` → 4H2O(l) + 4e

2) Reduction at cathode (+):

The electrons released at anode travel to cathode through the external circuit.
Here O2 gas is reduced to OH

O2(g) + 2H2O(l) + 4e → `4OH_((aq))^-`

3) Net cell reaction

The overall cell reaction is the sum of oxidation at anode and reduction at cathode.

4) Calculation of e.m.f.:

`E_(Cu)^0` = 0.334 V

`E_(Zn)^0` = −0.76 V

The overall cell reaction is the redox reaction which is the sum of oxidation half reaction at anode and reduction half reaction at cathode.

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