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Write Down the Reaction Taking Place in Blast Furnace Related to the Metallurgy of Iron in the Temperature Rnge 500 K – 800 K. What is the Role of Limestone in the Metallurgy of Iron? - Chemistry


Write down the reaction taking place in blast furnace related to the metallurgy of iron in the temperature rnge 500 K – 800 K. What is the role of limestone in the metallurgy of iron? 

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Reaction in blast firnace during metallurgy of Fe at 500 K – 800 K involves.
3Fe2O3 + CO → 2Fe3O4 + CO2
3Fe2O4 + 4CO → 3Fe + 4CO2
Fe2O4 + CO → 2FeO + CO
Reduction of iron oxides takes place. Limestone is added, during metallurgy as it decomposes to CaO at high temperature in funace. 
\[\ce{ CaCO3{(s)}  ->[\Delta]} CaO(s) + CO{2(g)}\]
Calcium oxide removes silicate impurity of ore as slag. Slag in molten state floats on molten iron metal, hence can be easily removed. 

Concept: Refining
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