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Write Down Four General Characters of Phylum Echinodermata. Give Two Examples. - Science

Short Note

Write down four general characters of phylum Echinodermata. Give two examples.

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General characteristics of phylum Echinodermata:
(i) Their body is triploblastic, coelomate, unsegmented and radially symmetrical.
(ii) Digestive system is usually complete. Excretory organs are absent and anus is absent in class Ophiuroidea.
(iii) Body wall is covered with spiny hard calcareous plates that form a rigid or flexible endoskeleton.
(iv) Body cavity is organised into water vascular system, which moves respiratory and locomotary organs.
Examples: Antedon and sea urchin (Echinus)

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P S Verma and V K Agarwal Class 9 Biology - Science Part 3
Chapter 4 Diversity in Living Organisms
Short Questions Answer ( Carrying 2 Marks) | Q 37 | Page 260
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