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Write differences. Status of women in the Early Vedic period and Later Vedic period - Sociology

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Write differences.

Status of women in the Early Vedic period and Later Vedic period

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Status of women in the Early Vedic period Status of women in the Later Vedic period
1. Religious scriptures as well as historical studies indicate that Indian women enjoyed a comparatively high status during the early Vedic period. In this period, the caste system and Brahminic supremacy became entrenched. These caste groups became rigid and hence, women became doubly oppressed and their status declined.
2. Women during the Early Vedic period had access to Vedic education; they were entitled to the upanayana (thread) ceremony which enabled them entry into the Gurukul system of education. Vedas and Vedangas were taught to them, but later it became limited to religious songs and poems. In this period, education for girls was stopped, so was the sacrament of upanayana which initiated them into the Gurukul.
3. Women were permitted to choose their life partners. Marriage was considered a sacrament and was irrevocable, though not compulsory. The main form of marriage was monogamy. Upanayana was replaced with marriage (‘vivaha’) and more so, child marriage. Marriage now became the only sacrament (samskar) permissible for women.
4. Women were considered as useful and productive members of society. They could participate in social assemblies (vidath). Women were now restricted to household duties and were barred from attending social assemblies. They were reduced to a subordinate status in the household.
Concept: Ancient and Medieval India
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Balbharati Sociology - Understanding Indian Society 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Introduction to Indian Society
Exercises | Q Q.3 (1) | Page 22
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