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Write differences.

Modernisation and Globalisation



Modernisation Globalisation
1. Modernisation is the application of modern science to human affairs. Globalisation is the compression of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole.
2. Modernisation refers to the development of a scientific way of understanding and explaining any phenomenon. Globalisation also led to increasing in production. This in turn has led to large-scale marketisation.
3. Modernisation has led to changes in values, beliefs, and norms. Globalisation has led to crisscrossing between nations in terms of knowledge, technical expertise, know-how, human resources, etc.
4. There is a willingness to receive new ideas, examine alternatives, find new pathways, to explore creative ways to solve problems. Globalisation is characterized by sharing of resources. We are familiar with the concept of ‘outsourcing’; it is the way by which people go beyond geographical borders:
5. Persons who claim to be modern are willing to examine daily events, literature, culture, art, customs, and beliefs from a critical point of view. It has made all people and nations interdependent.
Concept: Modernisation
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