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Write differences. Mobile addiction and Drug addiction. - Sociology

Distinguish Between

Write differences.

Mobile addiction and Drug addiction.

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# Mobile addiction Drug addiction
1 It refers to obsession to mobile phone for various reasons, and a desire to upgrade one's mobile phone as this device has become a symbol of status. It refers to a physical and biological dependence on drugs which leads to unpleasant symptoms when the person stops using the substance.
2 Easy access to internet due to which it is flooded with information, then misuse of mobile phones for destructive, negative vested purposes. Peer pressure, curiosity, personal and psychological conditions such as depression, inferiority/superiority complex.
3 Almost constantly on call, cybersex addiction, online compulsions, virtual relationships etc., are the effects of mobile addicts. Dependency on drugs, stress, anxiety, aggression or irritability can take its toll on addicts. Inability to focus on activity etc., are the effects of drug addiction.
4 Self-assessment, getting involved in participative activities such as hobby classes, sports and games can help in building positive experiences for individuals who otherwise would be isolated. This can help to tackle mobile addiction. Creating awareness among public, counselling, laws, drug addiction clinic, mass media etc., are the measures to tackle drug addiction.
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Balbharati Sociology - Understanding Indian Society 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Social Problems in India
Exercises | Q Q.3 (2) | Page 99
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