Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Write differences. Industrialisation and Urbanisation - Sociology

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Distinguish Between

Write differences.

Industrialisation and Urbanisation

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Industrialisation Urbanisation
1. Industrialisation is a process of social and economic change whereby a human society is transformed from a State pre-industrial to an industrial. Urbanisation is a two-way process that involves movement from villages to cities and change from agricultural occupation to business, trade, service and profession and change in the migrants’ attitudes, beliefs, values and behavioural patterns.
2. Industrialisation is mainly associated with the growth of factories and industries. Urbanisation is mainly associated with the migration from rural and tribal areas to industrial locations.
3. Industrialisation was the result of use of heavy machinery (mechanisation) and automation. Modern urbanisation was the result of industrialisation. People migrated to urban areas in search of employment.
4. Industrialisation indirectly contributed to breakdown of joint families and shrinking size of families. Urbanisation has led to the notion of being ‘lonely in a crowd.’
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Balbharati Sociology - Understanding Indian Society 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4 Processes of Social Change in India
Exercises | Q Q.3 (1) | Page 67
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