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Write difference. Natural science and Social science. - Sociology

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Distinguish Between

Write difference.

Natural science and Social science.

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Natural Science Social Science
A study of natural Sciences includes physical. chemical and biological factors of nature. Social sciences like economics, political science, sociology studies different aspects of society with major concerns of human beings.
It studies objectively and in very scientific manner because experimentation in the laboratory is possible. It also studies objectively and adopts certain scientific methods but to conduct experiment in the laboratory is not possible at all times.
Results and findings are more accurate and exact. Difficult to maintain accuracy and exact predictions about human behaviour.
Example: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, etc. Example: Sociology. Geography, History, etc.
Concept: Introduction of Sociology
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Balbharati Sociology 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Introduction to Sociology
Exercise | Q 3 (1) | Page 10
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