Write detailed answer to the following question. Write about the history of sports equipment and toys in ancient India. - History and Political Science

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Write a detailed answer to the following question. 

Write about the history of sports equipment and toys in ancient India. 


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  • India is the land where popular sports like “ Gilli danda”, “Snakes and ladders”, “Chess”, “Kite flying”, “Kancha” etc have originated. The equipment such as Gilli (a small stick) and Danda (a large stick), marbles, chessboard, etc have been made in India. “Kathasaritsagara” has a very interesting description of flying dolls as well.
  • India’s toy history dates back to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations. Clay toys have been found in archaeological excavations. Dolls are also mentioned in ancient India’s literature. This throws light upon valuable toys used for playing by children in ancient India’s most developed cities.
  • India has invented several sports which are popularized all over the world.

Solution 2

Introduction: The various colorful equipment and things that are used for entertaining and educating children are called toys. In India, toys were made even during the ancient period.

  1. Clay toys made from clay have been found in the archaeological excavations of ancient places. It was noted that these toys were made either by hand or by using molds.
  2. References to dolls can be found in ancient Indian literature.
  3. Kathasaritsagara has very interesting descriptions of games and toys.
  4. In addition, a Sanskrit play by Shudraka is named Mrichchhakatika which means a clay cart.
  5. In India, there are regional traditions of making dolls. For e.g. In Maharashtra, dolls were made of wood which was known as Thaki.
  6. In the ancient period, dolls were exported to Rome. An ivory doll made by Indian craftsmen was found in the excavation of Pompeii, an ancient city in Italy that is dated to 1st-century C.E.

Conclusion: From the ancient literature and the archaeological excavations, one can understand the history of the game materials (sports equipment) and toys in India.

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