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Write the Component Statement of the Compound Statement and Check Whether the Compound Statement is True Or False: the Sand Heats up Quickly in the Sun and Does Not Cool Down Fast at Night. - Mathematics

True or False

Write the component statement of the compound statement and check whether the compound statement is true or false:

The sand heats up quickly in the sun and does not cool down fast at night.

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The component statements of the given compound statement are:
1) The sand heats up quickly in the sun.
2) Sand does not cool down fast at night.
The compound statement uses "and" as the connective. For the compound statement to be true, both the component statements must be true. The second component statement "Sand does not cool down fast at night" is false. Sand cools down fast at night. Therefore, the compound statement is false.

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RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 31 Mathematical reasoning
Exercise 31.3 | Q 3.5 | Page 14
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