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Write Chemical Equation for the Event.Aluminium Came in Contact with Air. - Science and Technology 1

Short Note

Write chemical equation for the event.
Aluminium came in contact with air.

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Aluminum came in contact with air.
Aluminum is a very reactive metal. The outer surface of the metal is actually covered by a very thin layer of oxide which keeps the metal protected from the air. But when the oxide layer is damaged, aluminum comes in contact with the air. It is easily attacked by air. Then aluminum starts reacting with the oxygen. It will burn as bright white flame to change into aluminum(III) oxide.
Chemical Equation:   

\[4Al + 3 O_2 \to 2A l_2 O_3\]
Concept: Equations for Reactions of Metals and Non-metals (S, C, P, Na, K, Ca, Mg) with O
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