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Write a Character Sketch of Mr. Barrymore in About 125 Words - English Core

Write a character sketch of Mr. Barrymore in about 125 words

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John Barrymore is the butler at the Baskerville Hall. Along with his wife, he faithfully performs his duties at the Hall. Their trustworthiness and value can be gauged from the fact that Charles Baskerville had left them minor legacies. They were attached to Charles; his death comes as a shock to them. It is, therefore, painful for them to continue living at the Hall.

The bearded Barrymore is suspected of being a spy, dogging Henry in London. His nightly wanderings add weight to this suspicion.

Barrymore’s sense of honour prevents him from revealing anything about Selden, even when faced with the prospect of leaving his employment in dishonour. It is this sense of honour that keeps him silent about his discovery of Charles’s planned tryst with a woman on the night of his death. He believes that a disclosure might injure the reputation of his late master.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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