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Write a Brief Note on Products Obtained from Natural Materials. - Applied Chemistry 2

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Write a brief note on products obtained from natural materials. 

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1. Plants have been playing an important role in the field of pharmacy, not only in ancient time but also in arena of modern drug discovery.
2. The chemical diversity of plant gives the important dew for synthesis of different efficient pharma cophore in pharmaceutical during design.
3. Example like merpidine, pentazoine, are totally synthetic drugs for which opiates such as morphine and codeine were the models
4. Japanese research group has recently isolated stilbane derivatives from the bark of a shorea hemsleyana and roots of cyphostomma bainessi.
5. The active compounds identified is hemsleyanol – D is potent anti-bacterial agent methicillin resistance staphylococcus aurous responsible for variety of human diseases. 

Concept: Products from Natural Materials
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