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Write brief answers.

Describe a clinical thermometer. How does it differ from the thermometer used in laboratory?


Clinical thermometer is used in homes. It has a glass tube with a bulb at one end and the other end closed. This bulb and some part of the tube is filled with thermometric liquid, such as mercury or alcohol. The rest of the volume of the tube has vacuum in it. There is a kink near the end of the glass tube which prevents the falling back of the thermometric liquid once it is removed from the hot body under observation.
It is basically used to measure the temperature of humans. A clinical thermometer has a temperature range of only 35 ºC to 42 °C. 

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 Balbharati Solution for Balbharati Class 8 Science - General Science (2018 to Current)
Chapter 14: Measurement and Effects of Heat
Exercise | Q: 3.1 | Page no. 103
Solution Write Brief Answers. Concept: Laboratory Thermometer.
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