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Write an Article in About 120 Words on 'River Pollution.' You May Use the Clues Given Below - English - Communicative

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Write an article in about 120 words on 'River pollution.' You may use the clues given below:

  * rivers, biggest source of water
  * victims of pollution
  * industrial waste
  * city waste drained into them
  * religious ceremonies–idol immersion
  * garlands and flowers
  * ashes after cremation poured into rivers

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by ABC

Rivers are the biggest source of fresh water. They are, therefore, our lifeline for survival. It is really sad to see that most of our rivers are increasingly being polluted because of our negligence and irresponsibility.

Untreated sewage and waste from the industries are continuously dumped into rivers. Religious ceremonies are also responsible for river pollution. Immersion of idols and disposal of garlands and flowers end up polluting the water. Similarly, ashes after cremation are also poured into rivers.

River pollution can pose a serious threat to both the environment and the human health. Continuous river pollution can disrupt the ecological balance and lead to the loss of biodiversity. River pollution is thus a critical problem and the government must implement necessary steps to mitigate it.

Concept: Writing Skill
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