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Write Answers in ‘One’ Or ‘Two’ Paras Each. State the Components of Government Budget. - Economics

 Write answers in ‘one’ or ‘two’ paras each. 

 State the components of Government budget. 

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The following are the components of a government budget:
a. Budget Receipt- Budget receipts refer to the estimated money receipts of the government during a particular fiscal year from all sources namely, tax non-tax and capital sources. These receipts imply the total cash inflow of the government during a fiscal year. Budget receipts can be further classified as- Revenue Receipts and Capital Receipts
i. Revenue receipts- These are those receipts of the government which neither creates any liability nor it creates any reduction in the assets of the government. These comprises of tax and non-tax receipts, duties and fines, interest and dividends receipts on government investments and assets
ii. Capital receipts- These receipts refer to those receipts of the government, which cause a reduction in the government assets and also create a liability for the government.
b. Budget Expenditure- Budget expenditure refers to the estimated money expenditure by the government on various social, economic and political activities in the country during a particular financial year. The budget expenditure can also be classified on three bases:
i. On the basis of creation of assets and liabilities- On this basis, the budget expenditure is divided in two, revenue expenditure and capital expenditure.
ii. On the basis of planned and non-planned activities- On this basis, the budget expenditure is divided in two, plan expenditure and non-plan expenditure.
iii. On the basis of development and non-developmental activities- On this basis, the budget expenditure is divided in two, development expenditure and non-development expenditure.

Concept: Meaning of Government Budget
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