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Write Answer to the Following What Type of Colours Will You Use to Celebrate Ecofriendly Rang Panchami? Why? - Science and Technology

Answer in Brief

Write answer to the following

What type of colours will you use to celebrate ecofriendly Rang Panchami? Why? 

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We should use eco friendly colours for celebratind an ecio friendly Rang Panchami. These natural colours can be made from natural ingredients likebeet root, flowers of flame of forest, spinach, flame tree (gulmohar) etc. These are natural colours which do not pose any threat to our health or the environment. The synthetic/artificial colours which we use are a seriou threat to our health as they can lead to problems like blindness, skin cancer, asthma, itching of the skin, permanent blocking of sweat pores etc

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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 14 Substances in Common Use
Exercise | Q 3.6 | Page 162
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