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Write an Original Short Story that Begins with the Words : “Its Not My Fault”, He Shouted………” - English (Literature in English)

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Answer in Brief

Write an original short story that begins with the words: “It's not my fault”, he shouted………”

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“It’s not my fault”, he shouted as he went across to the opposite bank of the river in his boat. He is a man of truth and honesty another merchant spoke proudly about him. To me it seemed that the man who went across the river has been living in this small village for a long-time and therefore, the village people have trust and faith in him. I came here because this village is a famous tourist spot. It is famous for its water scenery and numerous water sports besides their cultural dances and music. It is really fascinating that a whole world of entertainment one can enjoy here, in this small village.

I was impressed by the personality of that man and wanted to inquire more about him. Many questions came in my mind—Why was he in a hurry? Why was he shouting? What had he done? Why was he angry? Therefore, to settle my curiosity I inquired about him and came to know that his name is Rajeshwar and his age is around fifty. He is a well-known person in the locality because of his intelligence, hard work, truth, and honesty. He takes the tourists to the opposite bank of the river where the flora and fauna are a feast to the eyes. Another man informed me he took a tourist couple to the opposite bank. The woman was beautiful: and heavily decked with golden jewellery and was carrying a box containing gold coins.

On their return journey, the couple found that their box filled with gold coins was missing. They accused Rajeshwar of having stolen the box. I felt pity for Rajeshwar and wanted to help him because in the whole conversation I developed the same confidence in him as the villagers had. On inquiring more, I came to know that the man was wearing an attractive hat. Suddenly I remembered that the same afternoon I was also present there and was capturing pictures of the couple, with the beautiful scenery as the backdrop. I thoroughly searched the pictures on my camera and to my surprise in one of the pictures. I saw the box falling into the river from the edge of the boat.

I immediately showed it to the people and they then showed it to the tourist couple. They felt guilty and ashamed of wrongly accusing Rajeshwar and to pacify matters offered gifts to him.

Concept: Writing
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