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Write an Explanation.

Persistence of vision



The phenomenon that allows the image formed on retina to remain imprinted there for `1/16`th of a second after the object is removed from the front of the eyes is called as persistence of vision.

Concept: Working of the Human Eye
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Chapter 7: Lenses - Write an Explanation


What happens to the image distance in the eye when we increase the distance of an object from the eye?

The change in focal length of an eye lens is caused by the action of the:

Write the name.

The sensation on the retina persists for a while is

Write the name.

The persons which are unable to distinguish between different colours

Identify and explain concepts given in this diagram.

The eyes of the nocturnal birds like owls are having a large cornea and a large pupil. How does it help them?

The 'eye muscles' are controlled by which cranial nerves?

Near and far points of a young person normal eye respectively are:

The ability of the eye lens to adjust its focal length to form a sharp image of the object at varying distances on the retina is called:

The focal length of the eye lens increases when eye muscles ____________.

The least distance of distinct vision for a normal eye is ____________.

A student sitting on the last bench can read the letters written on the blackboard but is not able to read/the letters written in his textbook. Which of the following statements is correct?

The danger signals installed at the top of tall buildings are red in colour. These can be easily seen from a distance because among all other colours, the red light

When light rays enter the eye, most of the refraction occurs at the

How are we able to see nearby and also the distant objects clearly?

A piece of red glass is heated till its glows in dark. The colour of flowing glass would be:-

In the blind spot of the human eye ______. 

In simple microscope ______ lens is used.

Adjusting the focal length of the eye lens to view objects at different distances is done by ______.


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