Write about the climate variations in Brazil. - Geography

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Write about the climate variations in Brazil.



Brazil has an equatorial climate in a small area, but the rest of the country has a tropical climate. The climate that exists as we move away from the equator is similar to the climate found near the Tropic of Capricorn. The temperature does not vary much, which is one of the reasons why Brazil has no tropical cyclones. The South-East Trade Winds and North-East Trade Winds provide rainfall in the country.

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State whether right or wrong. Rewrite the wrong sentence

India and Brazil have the same seasons at the same time.

Give geographical reason:

The northeastern part of the Brazilian Highlands receives very less rainfall.

Give geographical reason:

Snowfall doesn’t always occur in Brazil.

Give geographical reason.

Tropical cyclones occur rarely in Brazil.

Discuss the factors affecting the climate of Brazil.

Considering the various factors affecting Brazil’s climate, complete the adjoin table.

Regions Climate characteristics
Amazon Valley  
Northern Coastal Region  
Southern Coastal region  
The Southernmost region of Brazil  

Give geographical reasons.

There have been practically no instances of snowfall in Brazil.

Brazil gets rainfall from the ______ and the north-east trade winds.

Answer in one sentence.

Which type of rainfall occurs because of the natural obstruction of the Himalayas?

Study the given figures and answer the following questions:

Cross-section of Brazil’s physiography

  1. Considering the isotherms of Brazil, what is the average range of temperature in Brazil?
  2. In which area does it rain more?
  3. From which directions are winds flowing towards Brazil?
  4. What could be the reason behind that?
  5. What could be the obstruction in the way of these winds?
  6. Which type of rainfall will occur because of these winds?
  7. Correlate these winds and rainfall.
  8. In which part of Brazil are the average temperatures low?
  9. Identify the rain- -shadow area in Brazil. Describe its climatic characteristics.
  10. In which region do you find a higher temperature?
  11. Considering the latitudinal extent of Brazil, where will you find temperate climate in Brazil?
  12. Describe the winds blowing between 0° to 5°N and S zones.
  13. Which method has been used to show distribution in this map?


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