History and Political Science: Dictatorships in Europe, Second World War and world - Concept on Dictatorships in Europe


Write about Kemal Pasha’s development policy in Turkey



The following are some of the important aspects of Kemal Pasha’s development policy in Turkey:
i.   Kemal Pasha rid the Turkish education system of the domination of religion and introduced a modern, liberal syllabus with the inclusion of the study of sciences.
ii.  The judicial system was modernised thoroughly. The Western judicial system was introduced, and the appointment of judges was made purely on the basis of merit.
iii. Farmers were counselled by faculties at agricultural colleges and good quality seeds and fertilisers were provided by the Government.
iv. Kemal Pasha also introduced a modern dress code, registration of marriages, education for women and job opportunities. He declared Sunday as the weekly holiday     instead of Friday.
v. Kemal Pasha adopted a foreign policy centred on non-alignment, nonaggression and non-interference in the affairs of European countries.

Concept: Concept on Dictatorships in Europe
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