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Write a summary of the poem using the following points. Title Introductory paragraph (about the poem, type, Nature, tone) Main body - English

Answer in Brief

Write a summary of the poem using the following points.

  • Title
  • Introductory paragraph (about the poem, type, Nature, tone)
  • Main body (central idea, the gist of the poem)
  • Conclusion (opinion, views, appeal)
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"Cherry Tree"

- by Ruskin Bond

          The poem talks about nature; thus it falls under the category of Nature poetry. The tone is that of optimism – the poet focuses on the growing aspect of nature; how the cherry plant struggles to survive. It is realistic in nature as it describes the everyday struggle of a plant to mature into a blooming tree.
           The poem is about the poet's pure joy over a cherry seed, which he plants with the intention of having a tree of his own. It takes eight years for the plant to grow into a blossoming tree. He describes the seasons that the tree lives through to eventually grow and bloom. The plant sees the light of the day in the month of May. Goats, scythe, and the harsh monsoon weather; all harm the plant but it strives to grow against all odds. In spring, new shoots grow and they reach upwards for more sunlight, air, and water. The poet patiently waits as time and the rains do their part to help the plant grow.
           Meanwhile, the poet leaves for Kashmir to stay there for a while and returns in a poor state, but he still considers himself rich because now he has a full-grown cherry tree by his house. He notices a berry hanging from one of its branches, like a jewel shining in the sun, and feels ecstatic. A year passes by and the poet watches the tree in full bloom. He talks about the pink flowers; which are fragile and seem like they would quickly fall at the slightest breeze. One day, the poet lies on the grass and describes nature in full swing – the sky, finches, bees, crickets, and the blooming cherry tree. The moon-moths, the singing crickets, the night, the stars, the tree as well as the poet appreciate the beauty of the cherry. The sight of the cherry tree gives him immense joy and he feels glad for having planted it all those years ago.
       Overall, the poem gives an underlying message about the tree‟s resilience and its determination to grow despite all odds. In the same way, humans too can overcome the obstacles that they face in life and become resilient like the cherry tree.

Concept: Writing Skill
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.1 Cherry Tree
Brainstorming | Q (A5) (iv) | Page 70
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