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Write a Story in 150–200 Words with the Help of the Following Outline. Give It a Suitable Title Also. a Cricket Match __________ Boys Playing in the Street _________ Ram Hit the Ball ___________ - English - Language and Literature

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Answer in Brief

Write a story in 150–200 words with the help of the following outline. Give it a suitable title also.
a cricket match __________ boys playing in the street _________ Ram hit the ball ___________ a second floor window pane broken_______.

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Gully Cricket

            It was a summer evening and all the school going boys were enjoying their holidays by playing a game of cricket in the neighborhood. It was now Ram’s turn to bat and he was known for his long shots. All the other kids were scared of him because he used to bat the ball so hard that they used to often end up losing it.

           Today was no different, Ram hit the ball and it broke a windowpane on the second floor of the nearby building. All of us ran from the spot fearing that we would be given a nice scolding. But Ram did not move and he stood proudly with the bat in his hand. Five minutes later a young boy came down with the ball. He introduced himself as Shivam and gave the ball to Ram. As Shivam turned around, Ram said thank you to him but he did not respond. Ram pat on his shoulder and said thank you to him once again. This time the boy read his lips and replied welcome. He then told Ram that he had lost his power of listening when he was young. Ram asked him if he would like to play with them and he agreed happily. Since then, he has been giving tough competition to Ram in breaking window panes with his long shots.

Concept: Writing Skill
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