Write a short note. Vegetation in Brazil - Geography

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Write a short note.

Vegetation in Brazil

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  1. The natural vegetation of any country is dependent on the factors like rainfall, climate, land, and relief.
  2. In Brazil, rainfall varies due to its physiography. The number of rainy days, as well as the amount of rainfall, reduces as one moves away from the equator. This affects the life cycle of vegetation.
  3. Due to this, Brazil has the largest number of vegetation species in the world. This includes evergreen vegetation, semi-evergreen, arid, etc. Pau Brasil, rubber, mahogany, rosewood and a variety of orchids are found in Brazil.
  4. The Equator passes through the northern part of Brazil. Hence, it rains throughout the year in most parts of the equatorial region and the climate is generally hot & humid. Evergreen forests are found in this region. Due to the evergreen rainforests in Brazil, a large amount of oxygen is released in the environment. This reduces carbon dioxide levels. Therefore, these rainforests are called as the ‘lungs of the world’.
  5. The density of the vegetation reduces in regions that receive rainfall only during certain seasons. In such regions, instead of forests, various types of grasses, short shrubs, thorny vegetation, etc., are found.
Concept: Natural Vegetation of Brazil
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