Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Write a short note on: Suburbs - Geography

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Write a short note on:


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- In the outer part of the urban areas there are small towns or small cities, they are known as suburbs.
- When big cities become overcrowded and overpopulated, the further development starts outside the city area and thus suburbs develop.
- For example, Dombivali, Kalyan, Ambarnath, etc., are the suburbs of Mumbai.
- Suburbs generally consists of residential housing and shops of a low order, which acts as a central place for the local community.
- Often, suburbs are the most recent growth of an urban area and their end marks the urban fringe.
- With an increase in population there is the growth of suburbs, the growth of suburbs may result in urban sprawl.

Concept: Suburbs
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Balbharati Geography 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Human Settlements and Land Use
Exercise Q.3 | Q 3 | Page 29
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