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Write a short note on :

Population growth and migration.



  •  When people move from one place to another place, or one city to another city or one country to another country, it is called migration.
  • The place where people go out is called the donor region.
  • The place where people migrate is called the recipient region
  • Due to migration, there are changes in the total population in both regions.
  • From the donor region, people move outside, so the donor area population will decrease. Generally, youngsters migrate in large numbers, so the donor region will have a less young population, which will affect the fertility rate and slow population growth.
  • In the recipient region, migrants will be added to the total population of that region. Thus, increasing the population of the region.
  • In the recipient region, more young age population will be added so that the fertility rate and population growth will increase.
Concept: Reasons for Migration
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Chapter 2: Population : Part - 2 - Exercise Q.2 [Page 20]


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Chapter 2 Population : Part - 2
Exercise Q.2 | Q 1 | Page 20

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