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Write a short note. Development of communication in Brazil - Geography

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Write a short note.

Development of communication in Brazil

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  1. In Brazil, telecommunication services are extremely developed and effective. This includes telephone, mobile phone, internet, television broadcast, radio announcements, internet etc.
  2. Today, more than 45% of Brazilian population uses the internet.
  3. The telecommunication system is fairly modern in central-south Brazil while drastically less developed in north and north-west.
  4. There are several hurdles in the expansion of telecommunication services due to the dense vegetated areas and large pockets of unpopulated land.
  5. Brazil is all set to send its domestically made satellites into space with its own rockets.
  6. The civilian authority responsible for the country's space program is the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). It pursued a policy of joint technological development with more advanced space programs.
Concept: Communication in Brazil
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