Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Write a short note. Bandung Conference - History

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Short Note

Write a short note.

Bandung Conference

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  1. India called the first conference of Asian countries in 1947 which was attended by the representatives of 25 Asian countries.
  2. In this conference, the concept of Asian regionalism was shaped. The issues like common problems faced by Asian people, the social, economic, and cultural problems of Asian countries, and the need for mutual co-operation among Asian countries were discussed in this conference.
  3. This conference was followed by the first conference of Asian and African countries held in 1955 at Bandung in Indonesia. This is known as the ‘Bandung Conference’.
  4. In this conference, the problems of Afro-Asian countries were discussed and it was decided to focus on world peace and mutual co-operation.
Concept: Decolonisation: Africa
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